Saturday, July 26, 2014

From The Horse’s Mouth (And He Even LOOKS Like a Horse Too)

U.S. Secretary of State John “I’m a Hawk Now!” Kerry has been attacking Russia over the destruction of a Malaysian airliner flying where it had no business being, namely over a war zone in eastern Ukraine, where just three days earlier a military transport plane was shot down by a missile. Kerry says it’s the Russians’ fault because they allegedly gave the missile system to the secessionists (ignoring the fact that the rebels have seized many weapons from Ukrainian armories and captured others) and trained them. (Many of the separatists are military veterans who were already trained in the past, as Kerry no doubt knows.) Kerry talks as if the shoot-down of the airliner was a deliberate act, outrageous, even though he himself presented smoking gun evidence it was an accident, that the separatists thought they had shot down another military transport.

Here’s Kerry on television attacking the separatists for shooting down the airliner, aired on Sunday, July 20, 2014:

“We know that very shortly thereafter, separatists were bragging in the social media about having shot down a transport plane,” Kerry said on Fox “News” Sunday, one of FIVE TV yak shows he made the rounds of that morning. “We know that the so-called defense minister of the People's Republic of Donetsk, Mr. Igor Strelkov, actually posted a bragging social media posting of having shot down a military transport. And then when it became apparent it was civilian, they pulled it down from social media.” [Emphases added.]

What could be clearer? “Separatists bragged” they “...shot down a transport plane,” “...shot down a military transport.”

And there’s more: the U.S. State Department confirmed that Kerry was referring to a post from Strelkov’s profile on Russia’s version of Facebook, called Vkontakte. The post, uploaded approximately 30 minutes after the Malaysia Airlines flight crashed, talked about a military transport plane being shot down.

So it WAS AN ACCIDENT, right Kerry? Right? Well, right or wrong?

“We have warned them – not to fly ‘in our sky’,” the post stated. In other words, there was a declared no-fly zone in which planes were subject to being fired on. (Kind of like Israel declaring a blockade on Gaza, and attacking ships that try to sail there anyway. Or declaring a limit on how far from shore fishermen can go, and firing on their boats. And the U.S. considers that just fine, even though Israel isn’t under naval bombardment, isn’t under aerial attack, isn’t besieged, isn’t being invaded as east Ukraine is. In other words, the separatists are actually defending themselves from attack, not blockading and crushing a foreign population.)

Strelkov’s post was subsequently deleted, leading Kerry and others to conclude that it was removed after Strelkov realized that it was a civilian plane. Yet Western political bosses, apparatchiks, and the complicit medias of their nations are carrying on as if the separatists deliberately shot down a civilian airliner. Even though the evidence they themselves present prove the opposite. Same with the audio intercepts the new Billionaire Boss of Ukraine Petro O. Poroshenko presented to “prove” the shoot- down was a terrorist act. The tapes prove the opposite- namely that the separatists thought they’d hit another military transport, and when they arrived at the wreckage, were dismayed to discover otherwise, resulting in cursing and expressions of astonishment at the route the plane had taken.

The fact that Kerry and Poroshenko can use evidence which directly contradicts their position and pretend it proves their point starkly illuminates the degree of their cynicism and contempt for facts and honesty.

There is blame to go around here. But most of it belongs on the irresponsible Malaysian Airline System that recklessly and negligently endangered its passengers, the Kiev regime, for its months-long war against the “terrorists” who defy their “authority” (power), and perhaps some on an ill-trained separatist air defense crew which didn’t check if their target was broadcasting a civilian ID from its transponder.

Now there’s a question nobody asked. Was the transponder properly broadcasting? Given the incompetence and fecklessness of Malaysian Airline System, I wouldn’t take it for granted. But it is also true that the separatists were surprised that a civilian airliner would be flying over the area, after warnings not to, from the separatists, and even from foreign aviation authorities in the U.S. and Europe. Other airlines were avoiding the area, some for months, and a Kiev regime military transport was shot down just three days earlier. What sort of dimwitted airline company would ignore all that?

None of which is to deny the tragedy of it. Whereas the tragedy of hundreds of Ukrainians killed in the months-long military offensive that Western-installed Kiev Billionaire Boss Poroshenko is ignored. And the tragedy of Palestinians being slaughtered once again, their homes, hospitals, schools, mosques, and sole power plant in the Gaza concentration camp destroyed, isn’t a tragedy to the politicians, apparatchiks, and propagandists of the Western power structure, but a political problem and a public relations problem ONLY. (A half-sentence throwaway line in an Obama statement feigning “concern” notwithstanding.) Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp are down to three hours of running water- not a day, once every THREE days. Perhaps epidemics of typhoid and typhus will soon cut down the population of Palestinians, as the Nazis found effective in eliminating Russian POWs and concentration camp inmates. Actually Israel has been causing disease among the Palestinians for years now. They do this by taking most of the water from the aquifers in the West Bank, selling a little back to the Palestinians, and forcing the Palestinians to make do with rainwater captured in cisterns, which causes diseases, especially in children, including kidney failure. The “settlers” use 7 times as much water per person as Palestinians in the West Bank are allowed.

As I mentioned in a previous essay, there HAVE been cases of deliberate shooting down of civilian airliners. There was the U.S. Navy shooting down of an obviously civilian Iranian jetliner, minutes after take-off from Tehran, in a known civil air corridor, ascending, its transponder broading its ID as a civilian airliner, during murderous Reagan regime. Reagan rewarded the captain of the guilty ship with a medal, and blamed the Iranians for the crime. And the U.S. Navy shot down TWA Flight 800 over Long Island Sound, either accidentally, or deliberately as part of a false flag “terrorist atrocity” operation that fell apart. [1]

Israeli jets chased and downed a Libyan airliner of the Sinai desert, which Israel had conquered from Egypt in 1967. And Korean KAL-007 (as in James Bond, Double-O-Seven) was shot down overflying strategic Soviet missile sites, after “straying” many hundreds of miles off course, “inexplicably.” Actually it was very explicable, as a number of books and articles made clear. The U.S. wanted to force the Soviets to activate their air defense systems, so as to better plan how to defeat those systems in order to destroy the Soviet Union’s nuclear deterrent force. The Korean plane was bait to force them to do that. The shoot-down was propaganda icing on the cake. Literally within minutes (maybe seconds) of the downing, a global anti-Soviet propaganda campaign swung into action. By the way, Richard Nixon had been booked on that flight but was warned off. Not so John Birchite Congressman Larry MacDonald. Apparently he couldn’t be trusted to keep his mouth shut if the plane was shot down, obviously considered a real possibility by the U.S. criminal deep state masterminds of the operation. I should add that South Korea at the time was a military dictatorship totally obedient to U.S. orders. I would hope that today no South Korean airline would participate in such a reckless, criminal scheme.

1] Numerous witnesses saw the bright missile streak rising from the ocean skywards and blowing apart the jet. The recovered wreckage had indisputable signs of a missile strike. Yet the FBI suppressed and distorted the witnesses’ accounts to orchestrate a coverup. Bizarrely, the CIA then put out a nutty video purporting to show that what the witnesses saw was flaming wreckage falling DOWN, not the trail of a missile going UP, and they were all mistaken. As if people don’t know the difference between up and down. The CIA is not a law enforcement agency. The CIA is not an airline crash investigation agency. So what the hell was the CIA doing creating and putting out this video? In other words, the CIA’s act smacked of that of a guilty criminal trying to allay suspicion. The CIA would have been better to keep its damn mouth shut instead of attracting attention to itself. Shades of the JFK assassination! Hence the suspicion that this was perhaps planned as a staged “terrorist event,” but only went halfway through, just as part of the JFK assassination plot was aborted- the planned U.S. invasion of Cuba after “Castro agent Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated the president.” The CIA created a “legend” for Oswald portraying him as a Castro agent. Evidently they couldn’t get the U.S. military and other elements of the U.S. power structure to go along with that part of their plot.

                          Aww come on, John, it was an accident. Not like those Vietnamese you killed with your own hands.

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