Thursday, July 03, 2014

Obama Proposes Solution to Tidal Wave of Central American Waifs Arrested in U.S.

Deport ‘em faster.

That’s his solution.

Since October, over 50,000 children and teenagers have entered the U.S. from the three Central American hellholes created directly by the U.S.: Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. In each case, those societies have been brutally maimed by U.S. power which destroyed the democratic developments in each and has imposed fascist state terror regimes. Life in them has now degenerated to the point of complete non-livability.

Hence the mass, desperate migration of refugees.

Ignoring international and human rights law, the U.S. ships these kids back to the lethal environments they fled.

Obama has asked Congress for $2 billion to fast track deportations of these youths. The money would be much better spent instead on social and economic development for those nations the U.S. destroyed with its creation and indoctrination of depraved militaries there.

Yeah, it makes SUCH a big difference to elect Democrats in the U.S.!

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