Monday, July 21, 2014

Propaganda Campaign over Downed Malaysian Jet Provides Cover for Latest Israeli Massacre

72 Palestinians were slaughtered by the Israeli army in an assault on a very poor residential area in the Gaza concentration camp.

These were not “militants” or “terrorists” or people firing rockets. These were Palestinian civilians.

Heavy Israeli artillery shelling prevented ambulances from going in.

Israel has as of this writing killed over 500 Palestinians in the Gaza concentration camp and wounded over 3,100, who lack medical care.

Israeli Premier Binyamin Netanyahu says Israel didn’t choose to attack Gaza, but it “was forced on us.” Yeah, like Poland forced Hitler to invade it. Really, it is the same. Hitler staged “provocations,” including murdering concentration camp inmates, dressing them in German uniforms, and claiming Poland had killed them on the border. Israel did (and does) it a bit differently, killing Palestinians, rounding up hundreds, trashing and demolishing homes, until Hamas was provoked into shooting some rockets onto Israeli territory. That gave Netanyahu the pretext to start aerial and naval bombardments of Gaza, and now another invasion.

Israel shells a hospital, again, killing patients while they were in surgery. Al-Aksa hospital. The genuine atrocities Israel is committing elicits no response from the propaganda system of the U.S. bloc, which is daily trying to stoke outrage over the accidental downing of a Malaysian airliner flying over a Ukraine war zone, where it had no business being.

Israel is sadistically using illegal flechette explosives, which explode in the air and spew thousands of tiny steel darts which rip human flesh and embed themselves in people’s bodies, making treatment and removal difficult. (Especially when the hospitals are being bombarded, ambulances targeted on the streets, and medical supplies have run out.)

The establishment U.S. media are acting as accomplices, indeed as aiders and abetters, to Israel’s war crimes.

“Hamas exploits journalist as human shields!” Israel announced. Israel further said that therefore it wasn’t responsible for journalists killed by Israel. The next day they murdered a journalist. So obviously this was premeditated murder.

Ambulances and journalists have been specifically targeted by Israel.

Meanwhile, U.S. politicians and the government give complete support to Israel. One line you hear from government officials from Obama and Kerry on down, and then dutifully parroted by a media chorus of propagandists is “no nation would tolerate rockets being fired at it.” (Apparently Palestinians should tolerate mass arrests, killings, bombings of hospitals, etc.) Another line is “Israel has the right to defend itself.” So war crimes, deliberate murders of civilians, etc., is “self-defense.” This is truly sick stuff.

But "the world's attention" (i.e. a massive propaganda campaign is going on) is focused on the accidental downing of a Malaysian airliner stupidly flying over a war zone. (The FAA banned flights over eastern Ukraine, and normal airlines stopped overflying the area weeks and even months ago.) The Kiev regime has been bombing towns and cities from the air, so naturally the rebels in the east attempt to shoot down planes. The Malaysian jet was flying at 33,000 feet, so it was just a blip on a radar screen. A blip that would be the same as the Kiev regime's military transport plane the rebels shot down a few weeks ago.The Kiev regime released intercepted rebel communications that prove they didn't know it was a civilian jet until they went to examine the wreckage. Naturally, the regime and their backers in the U.S. bloc government and commercial media are cynically ignoring that fact and presenting it as a deliberate atrocity, to "rally the world against Russia." (The way the U.S. media has been carrying on, you'd think Putin personally launched the anti-aircraft missile.)

I'm working on a longer piece about this travesty, and the sickening double standard of ginned up outrage, so typical of Western imperialist hypocrisy when it comes to life and death.

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