Monday, July 28, 2014

Unintended Irony In New York Times Over Civilians Killed By Kiev Regime's Military Offensive in E. Ukraine

The New York Times ran the following article title on its website homepage July 28th: "Enmity and Civilian Toll Rise in Ukraine," with the subhead: "After the tragedy of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, the deaths of roughly 800 civilians in eastern Ukraine have gone virtually unnoticed by the outside world." 

Well, thank YOU for noticing, New York Times. Of course, "outside world" is merely a cover-up euphemism for U.S. bloc governments and media. The New York Times often plays this disingenuous game of calling something "little noticed" when it itself has failed to report something. It's a slippery dodge of their responsibility.

Actually I've been "noticing" the Ukrainian civilians killed, as readers of my previous essays here can see. Last time I checked I was in this world and outside Ukraine. But the Times did say "virtually unnoticed," so ok.

No, I take that back. Isn't Russia "outside" Ukraine? RT in America has certainly covered the death and destruction rained down on the civilian population in the newly-declared Republics in east Ukraine. Of course that's just "Russian propaganda," so it doesn't count as part of the world either, I guess.

Israel has outdone Petro "Candyman" Poroshenko and his regime, killing over a thousand Palestinians, and wounding or maiming about 4,000, in just a few weeks, not months as in Ukraine. I haven't been able to write at length about the horror show going on in the Gaza concentration camp that much. The propaganda being put out by the Israelis, their global propaganda network, and their most important lackeys, the U.S. government and political class, is just so sickening that it is hard to write without getting apoplectic. And I don't write at my best when I'm apoplectic. But others have covered this well, especially at I urge my readers to check out the coverage and interviews there on the latest overt Israeli war against the Palestinians.

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